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What to See Your First Time in Koh Samui

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015

What to See Your First Time in Koh Samui

Your first trip to Koh Samui will be an interesting and adventure filled experience no matter what you decide to do. While there are some of the best beaches in the world for you to explore, soaking up some Vitamin D doesn’t have to be the only thing on your agenda. With world-class diving, national parks, cooking classes, and more, you’ll never run out of activities to do while on this beautiful tropical island. We’ve compiled a list of the best activities to do and sights to see for your first trip to Koh Samui


Water Activities


With some of the best diving locations in the world, you could spend days under water and not see a fraction of all the marine world has to offer you in Koh Samui. The beautiful world under the sea is teeming with fish, plants, and other secrets for you to explore. If you are not keen on being completely submerged, snorkeling will still allow you to play with the marine life. Make sure you bring some waterproof sunscreen and food because it’s likely that you’ll not want to leave until the sun goes down.


Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park


This national park of Thailand covers many islands and has many features to it. The four different forests include the dry evergreen forest, beach forest, limestone forest and the mangrove forests. They’ll keep you exploring for hours or even days, depending on how much time you have. Photographers will love the variety of flora and fauna they have to choose from, making it an ideal place for photo shoots. If you end up wanting to turn into Tarzan and never go home, don’t blame us.


Thai Cooking Class


The food in Thailand will blow your mind with how simple yet savory it is. After only a few meals, you will be wishing that you had a personal Thai chef who would come home with you. Or you can take a Thai cooking class so you can reminisce about your Koh Samui vacation anytime you want. The lemon grass, ginger, coconut milk and exotic spices will become your new favorite cooking ingredients after you’ve learned the secrets of the Thai kitchen. Don’t be surprised if you end up waddling home after eating too much good food.


Many of the best hotels in Koh Samui will organize any sorts of tours or classes for you. They’ll usually have recommendations for the providers who will give you an authentic experience.


Wat Plai Laem


What better way to round out your trip to this tropical paradise than taking in some of the local culture. There is no better place to do so than Wat Plai Laem. This Buddhist temple complex features an 18 armed image of Guanyin. This temple is a living and active one with devotees coming daily to pay homage to Guanyin and Buddha. Even if you are not religious, you can still appreciate the splendor of this newer temple. If you give, you can feed the multitude of fish in the lake which surrounds the temple.

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Can’t Miss Attractions in Calgary

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015

Can’t Miss Attractions in Calgary

A beautiful city such as Calgary has so much to offer visitors, it can be hard to choose what to see while you are there. From the Calgary Tower which gives you a bird’s eye view of the city, to a visit to the Canadian Rockies, to a walk-through of Canada Olympic Park, you’ll be kept busy for days when wandering around Calgary. Here is a list of top five attractions you can’t miss during your trip to Calgary.


Calgary Tower


This freestanding tower is a great starting point for any visitor to the city. The 360 degree view from the top will give even the most jaded travelers a reason to pause. If you are looking to grab a drink or even a sit down dinner, the observation deck has a full service restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

The tower is right in the middle of downtown and close to many of the best hotels in Calgary. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, you should start looking in this area.


Canadian Rockies


As Calgary is known as the Gateway to the Rockies, what better way to spend a day then exploring Banff Park, its wildlife and the splendor it has to offer. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit, you’ll be able to find something to keep you entertained. Summer brings warm weather and hiking galore. Wintertime means skiing and a variety of snow sports. With multiple ski resorts within driving distance from the city, there’s no excuse to be bored while in Calgary.


Canada Olympic Park


The 1988 Winter Olympic Park is still in use today as a high performance athletic training facility, in addition to being open to the public for recreational purposes. Warm weather visits to Canada Olympic Park will bring you the opportunity to try the 16 miles of trails. Those travelers who prefer cold weather sports will love all the snow focused activities here too. Any time of year, active travelers will love a visit to this park.


Calgary Stampede


While it only happens once a year, timing your visit to Calgary during this festival will help to ensure you have an action-packed time whether it’s on your own, as part of a couple, or with your family. With a full-blown rodeo, a derby, a parade, a plethora of concerts, animal and agricultural shows, and much more, you won’t be disappointed in your visit to the Calgary Stampede. Don’t be too sad if you miss this event though, it’s a reason to come back next year.


Prince’s Island Park


When the weather is nice, there is no better place in Calgary than outdoors at Prince’s Island Park. Home to many events and festivals throughout the year, this park is filled with picnic areas, water fountains, gardens, and a café (for those who work up an appetite while walking around this inner city park). One can even find canoe access to the river from here, if active travelers want to explore the cityscape via the water.

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What to See Your First Time in Windsor

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015

What to See Your First Time in Windsor

Any first time visitor to the City of Roses will be happy with their vacation location choice. This southernmost city in Canada is filled with activities for even the pickiest of travelers. Due to its historic manors, stunningly built old churches, and the green nature preserves, it would be hard to become bored in this metropolitan city. It can be hard to pick the best activities to do while in Windsor so we have compiled a list of the best sights and activities for your first visit to the city.

Willistead Manor

This turn of the last century manor will whisk you back in time to the historic 1900’s. The meticulously handcrafted interior astounds visitors time and time again as they wander from room to room on guided tours. Visitors to this grandiose house have to trouble imagining themselves as a member of the upper class. The architecture is a great backdrop for any photographer looking to take some period pictures.

The manor rents it space out for all sorts of events. It is a good choice for any engaged couples who are looking for a dream wedding site.

Ojibway Prairie Complex

This large nature reserve and park complex is the perfect place for picnic on a sunny day. This luscious greenery is a natural choice for a quick getaway from the city. Ojibway Prairie Complex is only a few minutes’ drive west of the city. If you are a fitness traveler, you will find contentment while walking, jogging or running through the trails. Even if you are not wanting to work up a sweat, a nice leisurely stroll through the park is a good way to spend half of a day.

Our Lady of the Assumption Church

Travelers who are looking to explore some of Windsor’s history can’t miss this magnificent old parish. The meticulously crafted architecture is a great backdrop for any aspiring photographer. As you reverently walk through this church, don’t forget to take in all the religious statues and murals. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the US/Canadian border, this beautiful church is a sight to behold and should not be missed.

WFCU Centre

Sport enthusiasts won’t have to miss an important game if they manage to pick up tickets for a match at the WFCU Centre. This multi-thousand person arena is the perfect place to catch all sorts of sporting events and even concerts. Travelers who are looking for a good evening event should not miss catching on here.

Art Gallery of Windsor

Cultural events and Canadian artworks are the name of the game in Windsor’s Art Gallery. Originally housed in the Willistead Manor, this collection is now in the centrally located building which is the perfect distance from the best hotels in Windsor. Visitors will be able to walk around one of the most significant preserves of Canadian art in the country. A word to the wise, while the artwork is stunning, you will get in trouble if you try to take it home. The museum gift shop has mementos for you to buy instead.

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