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Tenerife Beaches: Vibrant, Lively or Isolated — The Choice is Yours

Posted by on Nov 27, 2014

Tenerife Beaches: Vibrant, Lively or Isolated — The Choice is Yours

With its sunny climate, the island of Tenerife is the most popular of the Canary Islands. The sunshine and the beaches are one of the main attractions, in fact, for people looking to get away from cold temperatures and wet or windy weather. The island is full of golden and dark-sands offering both vibrant beaches and secluded beauty spots.



The southern hotspots

Most visitors tend to migrate to the island’s south western coast as this is where a great many of the resorts are located. You can some of these if you choose First Choice for your Tenerife holidays. The beaches are lively and expansive, featuring those famous volcanic black sands as seen at Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. These resorts are extremely busy during the summer months with holidaymakers who arrive to enjoy swimming in the warm Atlantic Ocean as well indulging in some water-sports. However, if you’re looking for a quieter stretch of sand, head to El Medano on the south east coast. There the cool trade winds drift across the unspoilt sands making this a favoured surfing location.


Spectacular beauty spot

Tenerife holidays can include the incredibly scenic west coast resort of Los Gigantes in Santiago del Teide. This highly picturesque area has small but clean black sand beaches sheltered by immense coastal cliffs. There is definitely an air of tranquillity and exclusivity at this area as opposed to the busier resorts. For another pretty beach near Los Gigantes head to the pristine, pale golden sands of El Puerito where you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere, painted fishing boats and traditional white-washed houses.


The hidden gem

In the northern areas you’ll find immense golden sands such as those at Playa Teresitas. This huge bay just north of San Andres is considered one of the best beaches in the Canary Islands and features over a mile of beautiful golden sand that shelves gently into the shallow waters of the Atlantic. The bonus with Teresitas is that it’s pretty much a hidden gem known to the locals and usually only gets busy during the summer weekends and public holidays. The surrounding hills provide shelter from the wind while the palm trees make a great place to shade from the high summer temperatures.

As remote as it gets

If you’re the kind of traveller who desires some solitude then the remote Roque Bermejo at the island’s eastern tip will be the place for you. This little stretch of black sand isn’t usually advertised in the all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife brochures, but it’s none the less an impressive place. It’s located just behind the fishing hamelt of Roque but you’ll need a boat to reach it unless you make the two hour trek from Chamorga. The surrounding cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop and you can easily enjoy that Robinson Crusoe experience while you take it easy on the deserted sands and swim in the warm ocean waters.


This Canary Island has around 70 Km of beaches to enjoy so it won’t too hard to find something to suit your taste. This is also an inexpensive vacation option and those last minute holidays to Tenerife deals are still one of the best ways to find great discounts in a resort of your choice.


Images by Eduardo Martínez, Mate Marschalkovil.sandi and someone10x used under creative commons license.

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Tips on Throwing a Bucks Party in Melbourne

Posted by on Nov 27, 2014

Tips on Throwing a Bucks Party in Melbourne

If throwing a bucks party in Melbourne is something that has landed on your to do list, you may be wondering how to ensure that the event is a success. Naturally, as members of the wedding party flock to the city for the ceremony, the gents will likely want to party on their own a few nights before the wedding to celebrate the groom’s last few days of bachelorhood. As Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne offers everything necessary to enjoy such a party, from strippers and nightclubs to daytime activities and sporting events. Melbourne also boasts hundreds of restaurants and bars, and whether the gents prefer a simple, traditional meal or something exotic, an endless number of choices are available for dining out on the big night.

Create an Enjoyable and Lively AtmosphereBucks parties in Melbourne are always a success, which is why the location has been a long time favourite of gents from various cities. However, you must give thought to several aspects when planning the event. Arguably, atmosphere is the most important of these, as creating the party mood will go a long way toward ensuring the event is remembered for all the right reasons. Do not leave anything to chance, but rather organize each segment of the party ahead of time, from daytime attractions to dinner and nightlife activities.

Making the Most of the City’s Nightlife

Melbourne is home to a thriving and interesting nightlife, featuring great establishments in which the gents can enjoy their party surrounded by topless barmaids (we recommend the lasses of Covergirl) and attractive patrons. Melbourne’s nightclubs are also well known for unique cocktails and bar snacks and will often stay open very late, provided there are patrons in the building. Residents of the city enjoy socializing with visitors, making almost all clubs and lounges great places to meet new people and participate in lively conversation. Scoping out some of the best establishments in advance is a great way to ensure that the most appropriate one is selected. Make sure to consider aspects such as the type of music and food the groom prefers before you make a final selection.

Daytime Activities in Melbourne

When organizing a bucks party, do not overlook daytime activities, as adult entertainment establishments–such as those that feature exotic dancers and topless waitresses–typically open later in the evening. Among popular daytime activities for virtually any bucks party is off-road motoring. An afternoon spent maneuvering all-terrain vehicles over the area’s most challenging courses will give the gents an ideal backdrop against which to create unforgettable memories.

Go-Karting is also a favourite sport of those who enjoy stimulating adrenalin sports. In addition, it is an activity that appeals to those with a competitive edge. For this reason, if the prospective groom enjoys competing with his pals, you should add this activity to the day’s itinerary.

No traveller could deny that Melbourne, Australia, provides essentially any activity or attraction a gentleman could desire. From its outstanding scenery and daytime attractions, to its gorgeous strippers and thriving nightlife, there is no better place for a day and night of partying before the groom takes his vows. The unique characteristics of this enchanting city ensure that throwing a bucks party in Melbourne is the ideal way to guarantee a truly unforgettable experience for both the groom and his friends.

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Party the night away in Gran Canaria

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014

Party the night away in Gran Canaria

When you go on holiday somewhere all pretty and sunshiny, when night falls of course you want to continue your good mood and enjoy your evening, whether you choose cocktails and a nice meal, or a serious vodka-fuelled night out! Gran Canaria caters for both those options and a whole host that fall in-between!

There are plenty of things to do in Gran Canaria that don’t include partying of course, but for the benefit of this particular piece, we’ll be focusing on the more hedonistic, and laid-back, options for your evening’s entertainment.

Sort out your flight stress well before you leave the house and you’ll be in a better state of mind to start your break. I do this by checking my flight information online in the days before I leave, and more importantly on the morning of my flight. I recently went away on holiday and checked my BA flight status in the hours leading up to it, meaning I left the house for the airport knowing that everything was exactly as it should be. This certainly helped to keep me calm and meant I arrived at the airport feeling the beginnings of that holiday fever.

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Your nightlife options once you arrive in Gran Canaria really depend on where you’re basing yourself, however the island is small, so it’s possible to move around by taxi or bus. If you’re staying in Playa del Ingles then you won’t really have to travel far to find the best of the nightlife options, because they’re right on your doorstep! This is where party people need to be, and there is also a lively gay scene here too. The Kasbah Centre is where the young and stylish go to let their hair down, but you’ll find countless bars and clubs around the resort, suiting every style.

Maspalomas is next door, and here you’ll find a more nice meal and a few cocktails kind of vibe, which is no bad thing! Puerto Rico is another good choice, and whilst it’s not as lively as Playa del Ingles, and not as quiet as Maspalomas, it sits somewhere comfortably in the middle, with plenty of bars to pass your time in a bright and colourful manner.

Remember to line that stomach before you head out to enjoy your evening, and bear in mind that most people don’t really venture out until late in the evening, with closing time for pubs at 2am, and clubs right until 6am! Have a siesta mid-afternoon and a late meal to compensate.

Gran Canaria certainly caters for party people.

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