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Toronto To-Do List

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015

Toronto To-Do List

From a bird’s eye view of the city, to watching tigers, to historical district tours and more, it is impossible to be bored in Toronto if you check everything off of our to-do list below. Don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to move to this beautiful and exciting Canadian city.

CN Tower

What better place to start your tour of Toronto than by getting a view from the top. Not only is it the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, it’s also the third tallest structure in the world. Photographers should remember to bring their cameras to capture the beautiful vistas this tower offers. Those who want a high-class dining experience can get a meal at the 360 Restaurant at the top of the tower. If adrenaline junkies want a fix, they can try the EdgeWalk. It is the world’s highest full-circle, hand-free walk and is open during the summer.


The CN Tower is centrally located and the perfect place to start your search for a good hotel in Toronto.

Toronto Zoo

There are over 500 species and 5,000 animals that call the Toronto Zoo home. You’ll stay active in this zoo, which is one of the largest in the world and has over 6 miles of walking trails. If you’ve brought your family, the Discovery Zone will be a fun area to explore, as it features a dynamic and interactive wildlife experience for children. There’s even a water play area called Splash Island for the days when it’s really hot. Be warned, you may have so much fun your children will want to come back again the next day.

Distillery District

This historic and entertainment precinct near downtown Toronto is a great place for history buffs, shop-o-holics, and foodies to explore. There are a variety of cafés, restaurants, and shops available for perusal during the day. The 13 acres of the Distillery District contain more than 40 heritage buildings and are home to some great Prohibition stories and even historical explosions in the distillery. If you want a real treat, book a segway tour to get a unique view of the city.

Casa Loma

If you’re looking for another historical place to explore, Casa Loma is a good option. This Gothic-Revival-style house is a museum and city landmark, built back in the beginning of the 20th century. You’ll be in awe as you walk around the opulently decorated rooms. Those who like pop culture will also be able to explore the set of some popular movies, such as X-MenThe TuxedoWarehouse 13, and more. It has even been connected to the Harry Potter franchise.

Centreville Amusement Park

Built in the 1960s with a 1900s turn-of-the-century theme, this park is located on Centre Island in Toronto. There’s a miniature railway for those who want to chug around the park and a 108-year-old carousel for children to ride. There’s even a haunted ride for those wanting to get their adrenaline pumping.

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The Best Holiday Destinations for Water Sports

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015

The Best Holiday Destinations for Water Sports

If you’re into windsurfing, jetskiing or wakeboarding, then when you go on holiday, water sports have to be high up on the list of priorities. You don’t get many opportunities to have the time of your life on the water in beautiful locations, so grab the chance whenever you can!


As an island, you can never be too far from the sea, which is ideal for water sports lovers. With a Caribbean climate, white sands and clear waters, as well as an aquatic ecosystem bursting with life, you can take the day as you see fit. Whether you want a leisurely paddle in a kayak, to challenge yourself in a sailing boat or get your heart racing on a jet-ski, the choice is yours.


The Maldives offer excellent diving opportunities, with stunning coral reefs and atolls. The Baa Atoll, a UNESCO world biosphere reserve in the Maldives, is the home to whale sharks, hawksbill and green turtles as well as rays. A beautiful place for diving, there are lots of atolls and coral reefs to choose from where you can see an array of marine life. On the surface, the Maldives is a paradise. There are lots of luxury resorts to stay in, and plenty of sandy beaches to relax on when you’re not discovering another underwater world.


Enjoy the Med on the island of Malta. With a variety of beaches, lagoons and inland seas, there is lots on offer for those of us who love water. Whether you’re looking for a boat trip to Comino’s Blue Lagoon or water skiing, parakiting or windsurfing, and even sailing and yachting, Malta’s beaches and bays have the ideal location for you. On land, Malta is a gorgeous island with a tangible history in temples, palaces and cathedrals, so you can mix a bit of culture in with your water sports.

The Canary Islands

Tenerife boasts some of the best water sports in Europe. As the largest Canary Island, it has a variety of options. It is one of the best known of the Canary Islands, so depending on the time of year, it is likely to be busy. Gran Canaria is also a good island for water sports.

Lake District, UK

If you don’t fancy the heat of a tropical island, then try the Lake District in northern England. With lots going on across the lakes, including rowing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing, you’re not stuck for choice. Once you’ve worn yourself out, warm yourself up with a pint or something stronger in a cosy pub.


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Four Things on the Ultimate Kathu Itinerary

Posted by on Jun 20, 2015

Four Things on the Ultimate Kathu Itinerary

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, and Kathu is one of the many reasons why. Filled with great outdoor adventures, pristine beaches, busy bars, and more, you’ll never run out of activities to keep you busy during your trip. With so much to do in this tropical paradise, it is hard to build your itinerary. Have no fear; we have compiled a list of the best things to put on your Kathu to-do list to make your Thailand trip special.

Explore Nature

Thailand is very diverse in its climates and the Kathu region is one of the best areas to experience this range, in our opinion. The beautiful nature is highlighted by the Kathu Waterfall. You will not find a typical waterfall with a huge cliff, rather you’ll discover a bunch of drop pools descending down the hill. It’s a hard climb up to the top but you can be sure it is worth the effort. Take a bathing suit and your waterproof camera so you can get the full experience of the climb and then cooling off in the big pool at the end.

Attend a Muay Thai Match

If you haven’t been to a traditional Muay Thai match, you are in for a real treat. This adrenaline-pumping, one on one match of sheer physical determination will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Once you’ve seen the real Muay Thai, you’ll never be able to sit through a regular boxing match again. One of the good things about these events is that you can usually find one to attend for free. Just ask your local tuk-tuk driver and they’ll point you in the right direction, be careful though of hidden costs when leaving.

Relax With a Thai Massage

You won’t be feeling stressed while in the Land of Smiles, but if you have any lingering stress from home, you’ll lose it after one session at a Thai massage parlor. Be ready for a completely different experience, with your massage therapist physically working the kinks out of your body. You’ll be stepped on, prodded with feet, and moved all around. At the end of your massage, you’ll wonder how you have ever lived without these messages in your life. Warning though, they can be intense sometimes!

If you’re not sure where to go for a massage, the main area of town has a lot of offers. Right in the center where the great hotels in Kathu are located is a good place to start your massage parlor search.

Consume Some Local Delicacies

Thai food alone is one reason many people visit this country. The unique blend of flavors Thailand produces is on full display in Kathu. The spicy ginger, fragrant lemon grass, distinct coconut, and more combine together to make a great variety of dishes you’ll be hard pressed to try all. After a few amazing meals, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever consumed any other type of food!

There are many festivals in Thailand which are a cause for restaurants to have a larger variety of traditional meals available. Try to plan your trip around the Songkran Festival for a great cultural experience.

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