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Worst Travel Mistakes

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014

Worst Travel Mistakes

Even seasoned travellers make ridiculous mistakes. From missing flights, getting dates completely wrong, to forgetting essential documents, it has all happened before. These are some of the worst mistakes we’ve seen. Make sure you avoid them!

Packing More Than You Need

This seems to be at the top of the list, no matter how many times someone has travelled. We seem to be compelled to take too much, rather than too little. It’s almost as if we can’t handle leaving our homes, meaning that we try and take everything we own with us.

Forget this philosophy as soon as you can. Try packing the absolute minimum that you need. You’ll be surprised at how liberated you’ll feel. The major way of getting to this point is by packing multiuse items. One great example of this is a shirt that you can wear in both casual and formal situation.

Not Having Your Itinerary and Bookings Printed

Don’t reply on your mind alone. The hard drive can sometimes let you down. That’s why you should always take a document folder with absolutely everything at the ready. Whether it’s hotel bookings, flight details, taxi phone numbers, bank addresses, and anything and everything else you can think of.

You won’t always have the Internet or a phone signal to find what you need. Make sure you have a good old-fashioned paper copy as a backup.

Not Packing Your Carry-On Appropriately

This one is incredibly common and it really is one of the easiest to avoid. First of all, make sure you pack at least one additional change of clothes. Airlines often ‘lose’ luggage and you don’t want to be wearing the same thing day in, day out.

In addition, be well aware of your airline’s rules and regulations when it comes carry-on luggage. What is the maximum bag size? Are you allowed a purse in addition to your luggage? What about weight limits? You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to repack everything at check-in. Trust us.

Inviting the Wrong Person

It sounds like a great idea. Inviting one of your best friends for a fantastic backpacking trip around South East Asia. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

Having the wrong person as a travel buddy has ruined countless holidays. Remember, just because your friend is great to hang out with does not mean they’re good to take a plane around the world with. It’s kind of like picking someone to live with. Proceed with caution.

Not Taking Cash

The thing that makes the world go round is often forgotten, with travellers preferring plastic. However, cold hard cash is still king. Remember, not every country will have an ATM that accepts your card. It happens more than you think. Avoid having to call your family or friends for an emergency bailout and make sure you take some money with you.

So there you have it, the worst mistakes you can make when traveling abroad. Make sure you avoid them and you’re golden.

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Signs You’re Not Prepared For Your Holiday

Posted by on Sep 7, 2014

Signs You’re Not Prepared For Your Holiday

So, your holiday is all booked up and you’re scheduled to fly in the next couple of days. You are ready, aren’t you? Ticked all the boxes, crossed off all items on your to-do list?

If you can’t quite answer that question with any conviction whatsoever, we’re going to hazard a guess that you may need a little help with your holiday preparation. Have a look at the following signs that you’re not quite ready to step into that airplane. Hopefully you still have time to remedy the situation!

Your Only I.D. Is Your Passport

Answer this question: what will you do if you lose your passport? Your nearest embassy isn’t going to find it easy to help you if you have nothing for them to go on. Always, and we mean always, have another type of identification other than your passport.

Sure, your driver’s licence may not let you handle the wheel once you reach your destination, but it will act as a backup I.D. In addition, we always recommend taking a copy of every I.D that you’re taking away with you. It’s always a decent point of reference for the authorities and will definitely help your embassy get a new passport over to you as quickly as is humanly possible.

You Have No Cash

Quick, open your wallet. How much money do you have in there? If you’ve answered a couple of dollars and some change, you’re in big trouble. There’s every chance that your holiday destination will not accept foreign credit or debit cards, rendering them useless.

That’s why you must take extra cash, just in case. Have an amount that sits within a comfortable range. Not too little that you can’t do anything, but not so much that you’ll feel uncomfortable carrying it around in your wallet.

You Haven’t Packed

One of the top travel mistakes you can make is not doing your packing properly. If you leave this step till the very last minute, we can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to be taking way too much. At least you’ll have enough spare clothes if your flight is delayed by a couple of weeks.

Avoid this problem by making yourself a list of essential items early on. Change and adapt this list after every single trip abroad. Over time, you’ll learn which items are indispensible and which never leave the bottom of your suitcase. Traveling light is going to revolutionize how you travel and really make things much easier for you.

No Research

An unforgivable mistake a surprising amount of travellers make is not doing their research. Many people think that planning takes away the spontaneous fun out of a holiday, but nothing could be more wrong. You don’t need to plan every last detail of your day, but you should at least be familiar with your options. Otherwise, you’ll end up eating at McDonalds every day or at some other joint you could easily find down the road in your local hometown.

You’ll also miss out on all of the cute places that are off the beaten track, not visited by most tourist hordes. Remember that finding the sights worth looking at, those that are unique and cater to your tastes require a little bit of research to find.

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Signs You Have the ‘Travel Bug’

Posted by on Aug 30, 2014

Signs You Have the ‘Travel Bug’

They say that once the travel bug has infiltrated your being, there’s no way of getting rid of it. The person is driven by an urge to explore the world and experience new things. They can’t sit still and settling down and living in the same place for any length of time is seen as an abhorrent nightmare.

Have you been inflicted? If you say yes to the majority of these symptoms, then you’ve definitely got the travel bug!

You Exclusively Read Travel Books

Guide books, novels taking place in strange and wonderful places, or incredible travel accounts (such as Seven Years in Tibet) all form part of your reading list. Anything else has long ago fallen by the wayside.

You dream that one day you’ll amass all of your own travels into an incredible fantastical tale. If you escape your daily life by delving into yet another travel book, it’s a clear sign the bug has taken over.

Think In Separate Time Zones

When you’re abroad, you don’t constantly refer back to the time it is back home. After all, you’re a citizen of the world. You can, at any given point, give the exact time in at least 5 different time zones. In fact, you laugh at anyone that can manage a measly 3.

You Only Watch Travel Channels

If you only limit yourself to travel channels, there’s a high probability that you may have the travel bug. Are you familiar with Airport 24/7? How about Dhani Tackles the Globe? Finally, if you find yourself glued to Xtreme Waterparks then I think you know what our conclusion is!

Dreams and Daydreams = Travel

One of the major signs that you have the bug is that your mind is never off the topic of travel. Whether it’s taking a week off to check out a new country or thinking about taking a proper round the world trip, you’re always thinking about your next adventure. Any tedious chore is made better when you stare into the distance and think of where you could be. If travel even gets into your dreams, then you know that you have the travel bug.

Master Packer

You laugh at friends that take 3 hours to pack. You find it hilarious when you see people lugging around their heavy suitcases. That stage of your life is well behind you, as you can literally pack a bag for a month away in under 15 minutes. When you go abroad, every situation is covered. Whether it’s a fancy affair at posh hotel or slumming in a hostel with 15 others, you can handle pretty much anything.

Travel Websites

If your internet history is littered with a wide range of travel websites, there’s every chance the travel bug has taken over. Your friends can’t get enough of sports or fashion sites, but you’re constantly checking out National Geographic, Tripadvisor, and your favorite flight comparison site.

Human Conversion Calculator

Friends of yours still need to take out their phones to calculate how much something costs in dollars, whereas you can do multiple conversions in a matter of seconds. Euros to Dollars, you say? Give me a challenge, why dontcha.

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