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Choosing a Caribbean Paradise

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015

Choosing a Caribbean Paradise

There are dozens of islands scattered across the Caribbean, and despite what you might think they’re a remarkably diverse bunch! For example, pulsing, vibrant Jamaica has little in common with tourist-heavy Aruba, not just in appearance but also in what they offer to visitors. So once you’ve decided the Caribbean is your dream destination, it’s time to narrow it down and choose the island that’s right for you.


Aruba’s main attraction is a ribbon of beaches, lined with big world-class holiday resorts and backed up with shopping malls full of familiar restaurants and bars. It’s great for holidays that, once booked, require basically no planning at all. There are also a number of family resorts with plenty of attractions to entertain the little ones. Once a Dutch colony, much of the architecture – both new and original – smacks of a town in the Netherlands, bathed in pastel colours. But walk the streets and you’ll notice unmistakable Yankee sensibilities in the cuisine and lifestyle – it’s very reminiscent of parts of the USA such as the Florida Keys. Its proximity to Latin America has also added a little Hispanic fizz to proceedings, so it’s a real melting pot of history and culture – giving the island a charming blended heritage that’s both quintessentially Caribbean and utterly unique.

Trinidad & Tobago

The big and little sister islands of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago have both noticeable similarities and surprising differences. Trinidad is one big, pulsing Caribbean party that revels in Creole culture and boasts a serious nightlife scene that peaks during its annual carnival – one of the world’s greatest celebrations, and definitely one to add to your bucket list! Tobago, on the other hand, boasts everything its big sister lacks; including pristine walks through the jungle to swim in waterfalls, scuba diving and snorkeling, incredible wildlife, and secluded beach holidays without the buzz off the big island’s party scene. That said, you’ll definitely be able to rustle up a few rum cocktails is the need rises… Keep an eye out for one of the island’s most interesting residents – the agoutis! They’re timid creatures that look a little bit like a cross between a muntjac deer and a guinea pig.


One of the most interesting islands in the southern Caribbean, tiny Bonaire is largely unknown and so if you head here you’ll find the kind of peace and quiet that’s often missing at the tourist hotspots in the area. The one thing it is known for, however, is its spectacular diving right offshore – an absolute must for the avid diver and novice alike.

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What to Do: Weekend Getaway to Cannes

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015

What to Do: Weekend Getaway to Cannes

Who thinks a weekend trip to the French Riviera is a good idea? We do, that’s for sure. Cannes is a beautiful town filled with a plethora of activities to keep you busy for more than a weekend should you decide two days is just not enough.

From the beach to the almost tropical islands to the famous Cannes Film Festival and more, there’s a lot to explore and experience while on vacation in Cannes. To help you plan your trip, we have compiled a list of the best weekend activities guaranteed to help you have a good time.

Play at the Beach

If you’re going to be in the French Riviera, you have to spend some time soaking up some vitamin D at the beach; it is almost a rule. The beaches in Cannes are some of the best in the country, and you should take advantage of this fact. Let the sun kiss your skin while you allow all the troubles of the week to melt away as you lay on the sand and relax for a few hours.

Many of the best hotels in Cannes are along the beach. If you want a high-class weekend getaway, start your hotel search in this area.

Take a Walk Along the Promenade

The Promenade de la Croisette is a two-mile road along the coast of Cannes. If you’re looking for a self-guided tour of the city, this is the place to start. A place to see and be seen, this is where the luxury boutique shops, high end restaurants, and the rich and famous tend to hang out. You’ll find year-round entertainment on the promenade, from shows to entertainers to fireworks and more.

Speaking of luxury, the area around Cannes is filled with high-class places to explore. You should consider booking a tour to see all it, and the surrounding area, has to offer.

Explore History at Le Monastere Fortifie

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, head out to the Lerins Islands and explore Le Monastere Fortifie. This old and abandoned monastery is on the far side of the Saint-Honorat Island. The lure of the charming ruins is only surpassed by the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking to try some unique wine, the monks of the still active monastery on the island produce a local wine that shouldn’t be missed.

Appreciate Art at the Castre Museum

If you’re in Europe, you can’t miss out on visiting the medieval castles that are all around. If you visit the Castre Museum, at the top of the Le Suquet Castle you’ll kill two birds with one stone. This museum houses many artworks from all over the world, including Oceana, the Himalayas, and the Americas.

Photographers will also love a visit to this chateau, as the views of Cannes and the surrounding area are pretty spectacular. The area surrounding Le Suquet is the old quarter of the town and is filled with a lot of other points of historical interest.

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Marbella’s Top Attractions

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015

Marbella’s Top Attractions

A trip to Spain is always a good choice, but a trip to Marbella will be one of the best you’ve ever had. This beautiful coastal town is filled with history, beautiful architecture, old churches, boutique shopping, world-class beaches, and much more. With so much to do, it is overwhelming to try to plan your Marbella trip, so we have compiled a list to help you. See below for some of the best Marbella attractions to make your trip one to remember.

Beach Time

The beaches in Marbella are some of the best in the world. The white sand in this area is the perfect place to spend a few hours soaking up some Vitamin D. It’s also known as Costa del Sol, and water lovers will appreciate all they can do. Sailing will give you views of the beautiful coastline, while the scuba diving gives you a view of the plentiful marine life in the area. If relaxation is what you’re looking for, there are some beachside spas available to help you de-stress, too.

Plaza de los Naranjos

If you want to have a nice meal with a beautiful view, Plaza de los Naranjos is your place. Surrounded by orange trees, this square in the Old Quarter has a lot of history and beautiful architecture to explore, in addition to the good restaurants to eat at. Those who are still looking for good hotels in Marbella should start their search around the Plaza de los Naranjos. You’ll find some boutique hotels which will make you never want to go home after you experience how they treat their guests.

Basilica de Vega del Mar

History lovers will enjoy a tour of this ancient church ruin. This early Christian church and ancient burial site have a history that dates back to the early 4th century and is situated in the middle of an expansive eucalyptus forest. This no-charge site is open for only a few hours on Fridays, so make sure you plan your trip accordingly.

Old Quarter

The Old Quarter of Marbella is one place where you could spend days and still not see all that the area has to offer. If you are a shopaholic, you’ll appreciate all the market stalls it has to offer. Those who love history will marvel the ties to the ancient Arab foundation upon which the current buildings now sit. Photographers will be delighted by all the colorful specimens they’ll get to immortalize with their cameras. No matter what you like to do, you’ll find something to keep you entertained in the Old Quarter of Marbella.

Constitution Park

Active travelers, fear not. We haven’t forgotten about you, and we suggest to head to Constitution Park if you want to get out some extra energy. You can run around the green area, which is situated right in the middle of the city. Once the hot Spanish sun wears you out, you’ll be able to sit at one of the many tables and watch the city pass you by.

With so much to see and do, you should consider a tour of Marbella and the surrounding areas to give you a more in-depth look at what this area has to offer.

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