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The Top 10 travel destinations in Europe

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014

The Top 10 travel destinations in Europe

Europe as a continent is full of wonderful places for you to go and visit. With so many countries in Europe it is almost impossible to choose just one. The following 10 cities are said to be some of the best travel destinations that Europe has to offer.

  1. Rome
    Rome is the capital of Italy and home to St Peter’s Basilica. Over 80 million people visit Rome each year and it’s easy to see why with its vast array of historical features. You will never be short of things to do because of the countless amount tours that are on offer.
  1. Paris
    Paris, France is one the most romantic places in the world. It is full of beautiful monuments including the Eiffel Tower. You can spend some time shopping and afterwards indulge yourself in one of the many cafés. Remember Paris is perfect for Children because it is home to Disney Land!
  1. Barcelona
    Barcelona, Spain is a place you should visit for many reasons. The city is full of exciting things to do for everyone to enjoy. While Barcelona has become more developed there are still many things to do for those interested in history. If you are looking for a bustling beach you will be sure to find one here.
  1. Berlin
    It is said you can’t visit Prague without leaving with more knowledge about its capital Germany. Here you can also learn more about the fall of the Berlin wall. If history isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the fashion, nightlife and food.
  1. Budapest
    To put this to you simply if you haven’t been there you should go. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and most famously known for its thermal baths. It is a city where you can enjoy both the culture and nightlife all at the same time!
  1. Lisbon
    Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is very popular with all kinds of tourists. It is a place that that has a laid-back charm about it, while there are shops being built it still holds a village lifestyle. You can relax on one of the nearby beaches or enjoy a nice piece of cinnamon and custard tart in one of the cafés.
  1. Florence
    Compared to Rome, Florence holds some of Italy’s natural beauty. It boasts some well known museums, beautiful architecture and very tasty cuisine.
  1. London
    London, England is a diverse city with many nationalities living there. It has advances in many areas like transport, healthcare, education, entertainment and fashion. You must visit both the London Eye and the Tower of London while you are visiting this city. If Shakespeare is one of your favourite writers then you are in luck as you can see one of the plays in action.
  1. Amsterdam
    Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands and is assumed to be popular for all the wrong reasons. We are all aware of the background there is to The Red Light District but don’t come to a conclusion that is all you can do. When you go there you will be shocked about the great food and shops that the city has to offer. At some point you will be walking down the canal side streets thinking that Amsterdam is more than what it seems.
  1. Prague

Stepping onto the streets of Prague is like being in a Fairytale because of its gothic style architecture. Prague is a city that has survived many overthrows, invasions, fires and floods. It is now known as a bustling city with plenty of opportunities.

Whatever your chosen destination in Europe is, you’ll be sure to have a trip of a lifetime to a remarkable and beautiful part of the world that we live in.

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The amazing Inca Trail – Tips and Advice on doing the Trail

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014

The amazing Inca Trail – Tips and Advice on doing the Trail

The Inca Trail is located in Peru, South America and consists of three overlapping trails that lead to Machu Picchu. Loads of tourists come here to complete the trail while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There is a maximum allowance of five hundred people allowed on the trail per day because of the previous overuse that is leading to erosion. While it can be a once in a lifetime adventure to complete the trail here are a few tips along with some advice on doing the trail.

Book in Advance!
With the limit on how many people can do the trail each day it is very important to book in advance. When you book in advance online it also means that you will be getting the best price and you also won’t be in Peru disappointed with not being able to take part in the trail.

Hire a Porter
There is no shame in hiring a porter in fact you should take advantage of the service. The porters are there to help you with your bags if you are finding the trail difficult. Many people try and do the whole journey themselves with a backpack full of essentials and other stuff like a sleeping bag attached, those people end up not being able to finish the trail. If you do hire a porter you will also be supporting a local family.

Choose the right Clothes
You should bring clothes that you can layer up but also take off as you get warmer. When you wake up in the morning you will be cold but as you are walking you will be hot so you will need to take some layers off. If the sun is out make sure you have a hat and some sun glasses to keep the sun off your face while walking. Another good tip would be to bring a hat, scarf and a pair of gloves for the night while you are trying to sleep. You should be prepared for the rain too so don’t forget to bring a rain jacket or poncho.

Bring proper Footwear!
Try not to scrimp on the cost by buying a standard pair of running shoes, your feet won’t appreciate it. Buy good hiking shoes as you will be walking on all different types of terrain plus you want to make the experience as good as it can be.

Food and Snacks
The porters are responsible for cooking the dinner at the end of each day, but don’t make the mistake of falling asleep as you will miss out. While you are doing excessive walking your body will be burning more calories than usual so meals are important to keep energy levels up. Bring snacks such as nuts, power pars or cookies as you will need an energy rush throughout the day. Water is also very important to prevent your body from getting dehydrated.

There will be many aspects you should be considering before setting out on the Inca Trail although the above advice will make the experience a bit easier.

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Worst Travel Mistakes

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014

Worst Travel Mistakes

Even seasoned travellers make ridiculous mistakes. From missing flights, getting dates completely wrong, to forgetting essential documents, it has all happened before. These are some of the worst mistakes we’ve seen. Make sure you avoid them!

Packing More Than You Need

This seems to be at the top of the list, no matter how many times someone has travelled. We seem to be compelled to take too much, rather than too little. It’s almost as if we can’t handle leaving our homes, meaning that we try and take everything we own with us.

Forget this philosophy as soon as you can. Try packing the absolute minimum that you need. You’ll be surprised at how liberated you’ll feel. The major way of getting to this point is by packing multiuse items. One great example of this is a shirt that you can wear in both casual and formal situation.

Not Having Your Itinerary and Bookings Printed

Don’t reply on your mind alone. The hard drive can sometimes let you down. That’s why you should always take a document folder with absolutely everything at the ready. Whether it’s hotel bookings, flight details, taxi phone numbers, bank addresses, and anything and everything else you can think of.

You won’t always have the Internet or a phone signal to find what you need. Make sure you have a good old-fashioned paper copy as a backup.

Not Packing Your Carry-On Appropriately

This one is incredibly common and it really is one of the easiest to avoid. First of all, make sure you pack at least one additional change of clothes. Airlines often ‘lose’ luggage and you don’t want to be wearing the same thing day in, day out.

In addition, be well aware of your airline’s rules and regulations when it comes carry-on luggage. What is the maximum bag size? Are you allowed a purse in addition to your luggage? What about weight limits? You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to repack everything at check-in. Trust us.

Inviting the Wrong Person

It sounds like a great idea. Inviting one of your best friends for a fantastic backpacking trip around South East Asia. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

Having the wrong person as a travel buddy has ruined countless holidays. Remember, just because your friend is great to hang out with does not mean they’re good to take a plane around the world with. It’s kind of like picking someone to live with. Proceed with caution.

Not Taking Cash

The thing that makes the world go round is often forgotten, with travellers preferring plastic. However, cold hard cash is still king. Remember, not every country will have an ATM that accepts your card. It happens more than you think. Avoid having to call your family or friends for an emergency bailout and make sure you take some money with you.

So there you have it, the worst mistakes you can make when traveling abroad. Make sure you avoid them and you’re golden.

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